Business Coaching Scholarships

Accelerated Business Coaching

Programs available for scholarship

One on One Coaching

Premier performers in all walks of life work with a coach. Athletes, Artists & Captains of Industry know  to get better the use of a coach is an absolute must. This 26 week program is a systematic exploration of your business and its practices. With a focus on efficiencies and profits.    

Sales Masters Program

The world of the sales professional has changed quite a bit the past 50-60 years. With more information available to today's savvy buyers the successful sales person must know how to partner with thier prospets to find winning solutions.

12 weeks

Leadership Development

Leaders aren't born they are made. This 8 week program teaches Servant Leadership skills that builds better organizations. .

Four Scholarships Available

Best Service Business

If you are a service business and have the desire to go to the next level  tell us which program would best assist your company to get there and why.

Newest Business

If you are a young business tell us which program would best serve your new endeavor and why.

Most Established Business

If you are an established business with a good track record tell us what program would best serve your successful enterprise and why.

Veteran Owned Business

If you are a veteran owned business let us know which program best fits your needs and why .

Enter Your Company

Give us your name, title & company. Tell us why you should be selected in the message box and we will announce the winners by March 1st  

Four independent judges will make final decisions based on:

  1. Clarity of vision
  2. Ability to innovate 
  3. Emphasis on continuing education





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