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Maximise YOUR Staff’s Value and Capability

Achieve Business Success


      Join us for this 3-part H.R. workshop series to learn ….

  • How to better engage with your existing staff, to improve productivity, innovation, resilience & performance;
  • Tips to attract, recruit & retain your ideal employee;
  • The five common, fundamental mistakes of team building;
  • Strategies to help your business & your people reach new heights, successes & potential;
  • How you personally can gain up to 10 hours in increased production per week …

(+ much, much more)

This is a great opportunity for anyone running a business or

managing employees to learn how to future-proof

your most crucial asset – your staff.

He aha te mea nui o tenei ao (what is the most important thing in this world)

He Tangata, He Tangata, He tangata! (It is people, it is people, it is people!)

Workshop 1: Company Culture & Employee Attraction

24 August 2018

Do you have a solid company identity and values? What are your Rules of the Game?


  • what to do to identify the culture you do have;
  • strategies to create a better culture that you’re proud of and that is attractive to potential new employees + your people look forward to on a Monday;
  • Whether you’re remunerating your staff appropriately and what other benefits you can offer to make this up if you can’t pay top dollar.

Learn how to …

  • Balance creativity with the need to get things done;
  • What you can do to provide staff with the potential to grow & evolve in their role;
  • Identify Unwritten Ground Rules (UGR’s) & what’s required to stamp these out;
  • Implement the 6 Keys To A Winning Team;

Workshop 2: Recruiting, On-Boarding & Building Your Ideal Team Structure 

7 September 2018

Have you looked at your current organisational structure and compared this to your ideal or desired structure? What positions are needed to ensure you are more successful? Can those positions be outsourced or are they needed internally?


  • What your contractual obligations are and whether your documentation is up to date;
  • Why are Job Descriptions and legally binding employee contracts so important?
  • What’s required to on-board new employees so they become productive employees within the shortest timeframe?

Learn how to …

  • Utilise the power of DISC profiling or other behavioral analysis;
  • Avoid the 5 common, fundamental Mistakes in Team Building;
  • Document your on-boarding process and ensure your business strategy and goals are understood;
  • Being aware of the 4 cycles a new employee goes through and how to support them through this
  • Did you know there is more to Recruiting than advertising and screening CV’s?

Workshop 3: Empowering YOU & YOUR Team through Staff Development, Retention & Succession Planning

21 September 2018

Learn the power and necessity for succession planning + cross training throughout the business. What steps can be taken now to prepare for the potential sale of your business or to ensure you and your management team gain up to 10 hours in increased production?

Learn strategies to:
  • Build your personal & team resilience
  • Say “No” effectively
  • Resolve conflict
  • Incorporate accountability and how to make it work for you & your staff;

Learn how to implement:

  • Time management strategies that will make you and your team more productive;
  • Strategies that identify and reinforce effective behaviours;
  • Workforce and succession planning and staff exiting procedures, planning for the future.

Gaylene Hughes

JDI Business Coaching

Gaylene has an extremely diverse business and professional background. An accountant by profession, she has owned and operated her own financial consulting business for over 25 years, working with numerous organisations within both the public, not-for-profit and private sectors.

A business coach since 2002, Gaylene has the ability to identify where opportunities lie within a business and to improve its long-term performance, helping to simplify and systemise processes and procedures.

Gaylene shares her knowledge with a clear purpose: to help people realise their own potential and successfully achieve results.;

  Amaria Osman 


An experienced Manager, Business Partner and Recruiter with a decade + experience providing strategic consultative advice to businesses.

I am dedicated to working with clients to solve their 'people' challenges, I assist businesses of all shapes and sizes and industries, Public to Private, SME to Corporate.

How important is hiring the right people for your business? Do you have time to do a proper search? Could getting it wrong hurt your business?

Everyone deserves access to a professional service to help you get it right!


The Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce, Level 3, 15 Daly Street, Lower Hutt           $35 + GST each workshop (or)   3 attendees (from 1 firm) for $99 + GST (or)      $99 (+GST) for all 3 workshops

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