BusinessRICH, a whole new way of looking at your business!

Over the course of the workshop, Coach Heather will delve deeper into many of your company's systems and cover strategies designed for immediate impact.

  • 74 lead generation strategies
  • 82 strategies to increase conversion
  • 53 strategies to increase the number of transactions
  • 50 ways to increase the value of every sale
  • 70 ways to inrease margins and cashflow
  • Team Building
  • Company Vision and Culture
  • Planning and Goal-Setting

You will be learning from award winning Business Coach, Heather Yakes, Heather has been a business strategy leader in multi-billion Global Fortune 500 companies, Big 4 Consulting Groups, as well as small and medium start up companies for over 20+ years. Currently, Heather is a certified Business Coach through Action COACH and is ranked in the top 10 in the United States. Coach Heather's mission is to help people build a commercially profitable enterprise that can work without them.

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March 15 & March 16, 2018
Columbus, Ohio
9:00am - 4:00pm

Registration opens at 8:00am. Cost is $1995 for the 2-day session.  Lunch and snacks are included.

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