come and meetmike lunn

                                              He was born and raised in Wesville KZN and went to boarding school at Hilton College. He then went on to study his Chartered Secretary degree and further qualified as a business rescue practitioner.                                                                                He is married to Marilyn and has three beautiful children - Warrick, Jarryd and Carmen.

The Business coach who speaks your language

With many years of experience as a professional Corporate Governance practitioner, accountant and tax practitioner, Mike can assist all businesses from small to large in their desire to grow their business to new heights.

"I have always specialised in the SMME market and have assisted my clients through the dark times and the good times in their businesses. With my years of experience it was a natural progression for me to become an ActionCOACH Coach who helps businesses to grwo and achieve their vision."

Come and see how we can help your business thrive!

- Build a business that works... without you.
- Differentiate your business so you don’t have to compete on price.
- What numbers you need to know to best run your business.
- How to make your cash flow consistent and predictable.
- How to hire the right people.
- How to improve communication within your team.
- How to manage your time better to achieve better results.
- The 5 Ways Formula to grow your profits by at least 48% in 12 months.

Here are some videos of the "6 Steps to Build a Better Business" and how we look at businesses.

Together, let's build strong sustainable businesses!

Office: 031 942 4255