Coach Elsa presents


"Masters degree in Practical Business"

Are you...

  1. Working harder in your business than you would in a job?

  2. Spending too much on advertising and not getting the business?

  3. Working harder than your staff and getting paid less?

  4. Working to pay the wages?

  5. Working IN your business, not ON your business?

  6. Unsure about where exactly you are going with your business?

  7. Wanting to achieve the dreams you had for your business and yourself when you 1st started it?

  8. Are you struggling with focusing on the Critical Success Factors and identifying what to do 1st?

  9. A Business Owner with the desire to be the best you can be? 

IF you have answered yes to 2 or more of these questions, then this SME group coaching program is for you !! 

What is ActionCLUB ? 

This is a program that builds a strong foundation for a business around all the KEY fundamentals of business. It is a set educational program of 1.5 hour sessions run every 2nd week with accountability coaching sessions and quarterly planning days that take you through the key components of running a business.

We call our ActionCLUB the SME "Mini-MBA", our “Master’s Degree in Practical Business”. In this program, you will learn the fundamentals of building a successful business, starting with defining your Vision and goals and going through Sales & Marketing, Team growth, Budgets & Cashflow, all of this combined with Accountability and Coaching.

This program is limited to 10 businesses in each program, so you can get the one-on-one attention that you want for your business and you will build relationships with other business owners who are going through the process and growing with you  -  


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What we will cover:

1. Destination Mastery: Set your Goals - if you don't know where you're going, how will you get there?

2. TimeRICH: Keys to Time mastery - to move from chaos to control

3. Finance Mastery:  Understanding your numbers - implement  financial test & measure and become less dependant on your accountant  

4. Streetwise Marketing: Learn How to Get More of the Customers You Want. Extracting your uniqueness and communicating this to your target market.

5. SalesRICH:  How to Sell Effectively - get your prospect to buy from you

6. TeamRICH: Building the Dream Team You've Always Wanted - how to recruit and retain the right people who will fit into your culture

7. Systems:  The creation and implementation of systems to leverage your business to get your business to work without you 

8. Leverage:  The ActionCOACH business chasis - 5 ways of growing your business.  We play the game of business Leverage and you get to invite your friends over for graduation night. 

We also throw

Planning:  90 Day plan - short term business planning with specific SMART goals 

A full day session of determining your goals and set action plans to achieve them

3 Books:  To be successful, you have to read about success and how to achieve it.

You will receive 3 business books written by the founder himself Brad Sugars

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COST:  Only R 3 000p/m + VAT

This pricing allows 2 attendees from the same business.



Why should you attend:

Below are a few testimonials from our clients:

"Because we realise that your business is only as good as you as a business owner can become, Elsa also worked with us on various philosophies, that not only changed our business around, but it also changed our mindset to having a more positive outlook on life.

I will always be grateful for everything Elsa has brought to us personally as well as to our business."  Alet Marais

"It is hard work, time consuming but so worth the investment !
You get the best advice out there and you can keep them liable for the advice but also know that you will have someone that can kick your butt if you do not do what you said you were going to do, making it harder to back out thus reaching your goals and dreams faster.
You get knowledge of the business side that you never knew you needed!"   Bianca Muller

About Coach Elsa

As a business owner myself, I understand the pressure anxiety and fears that business owners have on a daily basis. I am proud of the fact that as a lady coach I can have empathy with my clients, but at the same time drive & push them to be the Best they can be.

I am your unreasonable friend, determining the WOW factor within you, setting your goals and aspirations and helping you achieve them.

As a Small Business owner, you need a "board of directors" to hold you accountable - I become that person for you.

About the ideal Member

The ideal ActionCLUB member a Business Owner who has decided to start his own business because he wants Freedom: freedom of choice, freedom of living, financial freedom and freedom of time to live life !!

You should be hunger to learn more about how to run your business, hunger for success and exponential growth.



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