How to Build Your Business in spite of the Economic winter

 Business Coach Elsa will show you:

   1.  how to increase your Profits with the right Sales process

   2.  how to improve your Time management

   3.  how to have a more motivated Team

     Date:        Tuesday 09th July 2019

     Time:       10:00am to 13:00 Registration & Seminar

                      13:00 to 14:00 Lunch 

     Where:     ActionCOACH Office
                      8 Angelier street, Bardene.


      Cost:      FREE - But.. booking is essential !!! 


Who should attend this workshop?

Business Owners who:

  1. Want to significantly grow their Sales and Profits
  2. Want to remain focused on their goals
  3. Want to build a trusted team and align and motivate their employees to work towards a common goal
  4. Want to secure more personal time to lead a more balanced life
  5. Want to learn how to successfully market their business
  6. Want to recruit or promote a General Manager to take over the day-to-day running of the operations so you can work ON your business
  7. Wants to take their growing business to the next level through leverage and systemization.
  8. Wants to prepare their business to sell it or hand it over to their successor

If like most business owners you are seeking to improve your profits, your cash flow management and build a trusted team to allow you more personal time, then this seminar is well worth a visit.

We will explain to you exactly how to achieve this amongst a forum of our hand-picked clients and offer a complimentary coaching session to ensure your progress is delivered!

What you can expect from this seminar: 

Coach Elsa will be discussing the following topics:

- How to run a Successful Business that works without you.
- Hiring motivated employees and keeping them engaged. Hiring        employees who will share your vision and core values
- We will share with you the "5 Ways" formula proven to uncover          hidden profit - as much as 61%
- What if you could be more profitable while doing 'more with less'?
  Coach Elsa will discuss 4 areas in which to systemise your                business.
- What is your Vision, Mission and Culture - identify the 3 vital               elements to any business growth. If you don't have this in your business, the team will struggle to understand what you stand for and how you conduct business.


"We live in rapidly changing times. In a single generation, businesses have had to adapt to entirely new marketing channels (web and social), decide how to invest in and utilise new technologies, and compete on a global stage. 

Being able to predict customer trends, market trends, etc. is vital to a changing economic climate. 

So what does the new economic climate mean to you and how does it affect your business?
This workshop will show you how to adapt and thrive; generate more profits, improve your team and release more free time for you to spend with the people you care most - you family".

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